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The Virtual CTO

Generally speaking, the overall objective of a Virtual CTO, an off-site “virtual” Chief Technology Officer, is to advise and guide an organization by providing the best technology solutions to maximize efficiency.

He or she can help to align an organization’s IT strategy with its overall objectives.

A virtual CTO will be able to help with:

  • Participation and guidance in management decisions

  • Communicating technology strategy

  • Educating staff on technology

  • Overseeing research and development

  • Long term planning infrastructure needs for company growth

  • Keeping up to date on technology trends, standards and regulations

  • Safeguarding the organization’s private data

  • Optimizing business processes

  • Evaluation of current network infrastructure, including client/staff needs and business goals

So how do you know if a vCTO is right for you?

Many businesses are too small to bring in a dedicated in-house CTO. These days, you can obtain that same high level of expertise with an outsourced technology executive. Here are a few signs that a vCTO might be a good fit for your organization:

  • You’re having difficulty keeping up with technology demands for your office

  • Technology issues are become a distraction or causing inefficiencies

  • You can’t justify the resources to bring on a full time in-house IT manager

  • You understand the value of ongoing and proactive IT planning rather than emergency quick fixes

If any of these apply to you, a vCTO may be a good fit to help drive your business forward from a technology standpoint.

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